Friday, July 22, 2005

My dear old London

My heart is breaking as I read about the latest London disaster on the BBC website. Oh my God, bombs going off, others almost going off, someone getting shot on the Underground....where does it all end? It's weird, even though I would never want to live in London again, I still feel such a close relationship to it. Almost like it's a dear old friend, a person more than a place. But then I did spent all my adult life there (11 years in total) until we moved to Belize.

It must be so hard living in London now. I mean, you are so dependent on public transport in a place like that. So what are you going to do? Stop living? Stay indoors all the time? Walk everywhere? I especially feel for my London friends who have children. Because, of course, you worry even more about your children's welfare than your own. And how are you going to protect them? When you don't know where the next threat is coming from?

My heart goes out to all of you there. I wish there was something I could do to help. I guess all I can do is send my love. I love you all.