Thursday, July 28, 2005

Getting ready for school

Okay, got almost all the schoolbooks for the local kids. Last year it took me weeks to buy the books, but this year it's a lot easier. One main reason is that we don't sponsor as many children this time around. A lot of families have moved from the area, some older children have started working instead of going to school (this is normal in this part of the world) & some families are in a better financial position this year, in which case they pay for the first child and we pay for their other children.

Also, I never managed to raise as much money this year as last year and the local people know this, so there are no other children coming out of the woodworks either. Last year was the opposite, someone made a rather large donation and the word spread quickly. Suddenly I got swamped with families & children that I had never seen before.

Anyway, I'm actually relieved to have an easier year this year with regards to the charity work. Next year I'd like to help a lot more children again (hopefully in collaboration with some PeaceCorps volunteers)

Still have to find the money to pay for the transport for all the kids for the year, but I'm confident that that will come somehow.