Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pleasant afternoon.

I'm sitting on the back of John's cool-looking (but rather pathetic performing) yellow Landrover. Apparently he nearly crashed it into our fence as he parked it, because the brakes are going. God knows when this Jeep will be functioning properly again. It's just one thing after another. A bit like our Jeep really. That's always at the mechanics too.

Anyway, it's a pleasant afternoon. The Banana Bank football team are practicing on the field outside our house and Lucas is playing with all the local kids.

Oh, Jaime made it into the States, by the way. That was such a drama. His smugglers were keeping him hostage or something and were demanding more money. All quite crazy. Anyway, I am now spending lots of time taking and sending pictures of Jaime's kids (Jimmy, Nicki, Emelda & Henry). Jaime also sent a picture back for them of him sitting on a Harley Davidson. I think he really misses them and I think it's starting to dawn on him that he will not see his family for many, many years. The whole thing is quite heart-breaking. His kids miss him so much and seem rather confused about the whole deal. I guess this is the kind of stuff that happens in divorces too.

Our kittens are now 4 weeks and doing great. Daphne is such a wonderful mum. We've found homes for 2 kittens already and will probably keep one ourselves.

Wow, my bum cheeks are "falling asleep". I need to get up and move around.

Adios amigos!