Monday, May 30, 2005

Back in Belize

How great to be back home again. There is nothing really like sleeping in your own bed at night, is there? Still, our Europe trip was absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have wished for a better holiday.

Like I said before, it was such fun seeing family & friends again. And it was good to see Lucas bond with all his family as well. That was really important to me. From now on, we'll make sure that we see all the family more often (Andy and I said at the beginning of the year that 2005 was going to be our year of travel & we've done pretty well so far)

Andy's mum & dad have come back with us & will stay here for one month. It's their first time in Belize & I do believe that they like it (obviously, they are British and with the British you never know for sure what they think. They are all so polite, you always have to read between the lines to figure out how they really feel about something). Still they seem very happy, so I assume that they are.

By the way, everyone apart from Karen and me have gone to Caves Branch for a drop-off (some of our guests are doing the black-hole drop) and Lucas has gone with them too, so the house is peaceful and quiet. It's lovely. Maybe I should use this opportunity to curl up in bed with a good book for an hour. Our bedroom is the only room in our part of the house with AC, so that is the best place for me to be anyway. Hmmm, I may just do that......

That's the great thing about being your own boss. If you want to chill out for a bit, you simply do so. Of course, you do what needs to be done work-wise. But you can always squeeze in some lazy-time too. Actually, that's the thing that kind of shocked me when I saw all my friends and family; how hard they all have to work. It's horrible. I have decided that I will never again work for a boss or a company as long as I live (I believe that if you're clever about it, that that is not an un-realistic goal). Obviously, we have our own business and it's running well, so we should be ok with regards to that. I may one day do some theatre work again (which would be for a "boss" too), but it would simply be for fun & not to pay the rent or anything.

Oh, one more thing; later today, I'll be taking Daphne (our cat) to the vet to be neutered. There is no way that we'll let her have another litter. We still have to find homes for the ones we have now. But hopefully we'll find them homes in the coming week. I'll let you know how it went.