Friday, May 20, 2005

Best get a cup of tea and get comfy, this is a long one

Oh, what fun to have the whole family together again. It’s my dad’s 60th birthday soon and all his children have come back home to celebrate with him. There is my older sister Miriam who lives in Aruba, my younger sister Iris (who’s house we’re staying in) & my brothers JP, Vincent and Floris.

I almost forgot how much we laugh when we’re together. Yesterday I skipped rope with my sister Miriam. Only we didn’t have any rope, so we used a garden hose (I accidentally whacked myself in the face with it in the end). We played giant connect 4, the tower of pizza, badminton and an old Dutch game, called “Sjoelbakken”. And my dad and his wife crack me up as usual. They are so silly and forgetful (“I thought you had the keys?”) Hilarious! As a matter a fact, the whole family is dopey. We must have inherited that from my dad. My little sister managed to de-activate her partner’s bankcard yesterday and left her own card & cash in the house by accident. She does that kind of stuff on an almost daily basis. Personally, I’m guilty of dopey-brain activities too and annoy Andy endlessly, even though I think that I have become fairly “with it” these days and only do stupid stuff occasionally.

By the way, Lucas has been amazing this whole trip. He just plots along behind us & falls asleep whenever he needs to, regardless of where we are or what we do. He has napped on several “Starbucks” sofas now, giving me a chance to catch up with loved ones over a “tall Americano”. He never really whines (he just says “Mummy, Lucas too tired” and then falls asleep whilst I carry him) and he seems to have felt at home where ever we’ve stayed (shouting “We’re home!” whenever we enter the house we stay in)

It is so tiring though, all this traveling. That’s why we’re now staying put until we go back to Belize on the 26th. It’s all been a bit too much. Even though you feel like catching up with everybody, it’s simply not possible. You end up spreading yourself too thin. That’s also why we’re planning to do another Europe trip later this year.

Oh…one more thing; my camera works again! I had put in batteries that weren’t powerful enough, apparently (what do you mean, dopey?) And my Ipod works again as well. That was probably acting up because of the heat and humidity in Belize. All equipment seems to act up in Belize. Anyway, I can load up photos again. It’s just sad that I have no pictures of our time in the UK. Oh well…..

Oh, and my night out in London was rather pathetic. I begged my friends to go home at 11 o’clock, as I was knackered. The whole nightlife thing just doesn’t excite me anymore. I also missed Andy and Lucas tremendously when I was in London. After one night I nearly took the train back to Norfolk, but felt like the sad child who wanted to end the sleepover party early. So ended up staying because I didn’t want to admit how pathetic I’ve become. Still, it does proof to me that Andy and Lucas are the people I love spending time with the most and that can’t be bad. Family is just the best thing on earth.