Thursday, May 12, 2005


Oh boy, I just realized that I'm quite a bit behind on my blogging. We flew out to the UK on the 6th of May and have been staying at Andy's parents in Norfolk (did I mention at any point that we were going on a Europe trip?)

Anyway, we're having a brilliant time. It's been a bit chilly here to say the least, but I prefer it to the extreme heat that we've been having in Belize recently. We've had to buy jackets, jumpers, etc. to keep warm. Lucas looks well cute in his hooded tops and baggy pants.

Andy and Lucas are still with the grandparents in Norfolk and I made my way down to London yesterday to hang out with my mates, do some un-interrupted shopping (something a mother rarely gets to do) & to go out for a little jump-around. Still, I'm not sure if I'll manage to stay up that late tonight. We are meant to go out clubbing, but I get tired at about 10 o'clock these days, so I'm a tat worried about having to stay up past my bedtime.

Anyhow, we're planning to leave the house at 6.30 already for dinner. That way I won't sink into Tania comfy sofa & refuse to leave to go clubbing. Hopefully the plan will work and we'll have good dance at Gilly's boyfriend's clubnight.

Oh, something else....I met up with James Hyman today (my old Partyzone producer). He hasn't changed a bit. Still as quirky, weird and wonderful as ever. I love that guy. He dragged me along to Record & Tape Exchange and got me a ton of DVD's. So sweet! And he's just finished doing the soundtrack for a new Guy Ritchie movie. He's doing good. Big up to you, James!

Now, I have decided that London life is definitely not for me anymore. It's too hectic and smoggy. But catching up with old friends is just marvelous. I feel blessed to have such lovely and loyal friends.