Thursday, February 10, 2005

Very pleasant day

Today is just such a lovely mellow day. Karen and I spend some time lying by the pool, reading books. It's funny how you hardly ever do that kind of thing when you live in a place like this. Anyway, it was very enjoyable. The weather here, by the way, is just amazing. Blue skies, wispy little clouds, the works! It is getting quite hot though.

The strikes are all over now, at least for the time being. The kids are back in school and everybody gets their water and electricity again. The government agreed to increase the teacher's wages, but the issue of the raised taxes is still unresolved. We'll see how it all works out in the end.

Now, at the party of the International Women's Club last Friday I was told that a directory/newsletter for charities in Belize (listing volunteering opportunities, etc.) already exists. Thank God for that! I had started to work on it & it was proving to be a complete nightmare. Most charities were dragging their heels. I had to ask special permission, they had to discuss it in board meetings, I had to draft official letters, etc. And I just hate stuff like that. Why do things have to be so bloody complicated? All I wanted to do is print up something basic.

As I said, I was quite relieved that others are doing it. Apparently, there is an issue coming out in 2 weeks time. I hope it's really good.

Lucas is racing around me right now on his toy bike, sporting his new haircut (I cut his hair, Andy's hair and Max's too). I don't know how I managed to do it, but they all look pretty good.
So funny, Lucas is learning how to work with money. Well, actually, he's just learning how to spend it. We give him 5 cents every day, which he takes next door to buy a bubble gum. And today he fell in love with a little silver ring that this Mayan lady was selling. All the Mayan kids have jewelry, so it's quite understandable that Lucas wants some too. Anyway, I gave him the 5 dollar to buy it. He was so proud of himself. When he got he ring, he punched the air & is now showing everyone who'll look at it. He really feels like a big boy now.

Yesterday I said to him "I love you so much, you're such a nice boy. Do you know that? That you're a nice boy?" He answered "Yes mum, you're welcome". Bless him