Monday, February 14, 2005


Nora's 16-year-old daughter Iraida had a seizure last Saturday. Some of the women who saw it, said that she was vomiting blood as well, but I assume that she simply bit her tongue in the process. Anyway, today we are taking her to Belize City to get a CAT-scan. We need to find out what's the matter with her. She's had a seizure before, when she was still an infant & she has always been a bit "slow". Maybe that seizure caused some kind of brain damage.

The doctor who examined her on Saturday kept mentioning the possibility of a brain tumor (which, of course, freaked us all out a bit). Lucky enough, my dear friend Dr. Peter Alan was able to calm us all down again. I phoned him with the other doctor's findings & he said that the most likely cause of the seizure is epilepsy, not a brain tumor. Still, we need to know for sure, so we'll get in checked in a minute.

The CAT-scan will cost $400. I've decided that we'll use the donated school money to pay for that. Because Iraida was part of my original class & was the only one that never got to go to "real" school afterwards (she was 14 already and unable to read, write or do simple maths). I feel that the least we can do is offer her some help now that she needs it.

Once we get the results, we can take it back here and have it looked at by the medical experts from Rochester, NY. They are staying at Banana Bank for the coming week and are in Belize to offer free medical advice to the local community. They are such lovely people. They were the ones who offered to bring supplies for the local primary school. Apparently, they've brought lots of stuff. So we'll get to bring that to the school some time this week. That will be so much fun. Anyway, I better get going....