Friday, February 04, 2005

"The ladies that lunch"

It looks like the strikes may come to end soon. Many schools are back in today (apart from the ones in Belmopan and Belize City). Apparently, the government has now agreed to pay the teachers their promised wage increase. The taxes (income tax, sales tax, import duties, etc.) are going to be raised, though. All the government has proposed is to postpone the tax increase for one month. I'm not sure how that can be of any help to anybody. Anyway, we'll see in the next few days what will happen.

John has taught Tella, Nora and Linda (Tella's daughter in-law) how to make pizzas today. They all thought that it was hilarious to see John with an apron on in the kitchen & I guess they have a point. John's not much of a cook, but he can make brilliant pizzas. Funny that. Anyway, they all did a great job. I just ended up with a "naked" pizza as Lucas ate all the meat of mine (motherly a few years he'll get his hands slapped if he tries that)

Tonight Karen and I will go to Belize City to a party from the International Women's Club. Should be fun. It's a big carnival bash. Rita is not joining us. She calls it a party for "the ladies that lunch" (because so many are diplomats wives, etc.) Anyway, I'm sure that Karen and I will have a blast. We are putting our sparkly dresses on and will have to cross the river like that to get to our car. I'm sure that all the Banana Bank workers are going to crack up when they see us. Rita is staying home with Andy, Lucas and John to watch a pay-per-view movie. Anyway, I'll take some pictures tonight. Adios.