Thursday, October 14, 2004

What next for the dynamic duo Batman :: Andy and Robin :: Simone

Living in the Belizean jungle makes you very aware of the rhythms of nature & you become part of it. I mean; you always know whether it’s new moon, full moon, mating season, wet season, dry season, etc. It simply is all around you, you can’t miss it. And I’ve started to become very aware of the natural cycle of “nature’s breath”. There are all these things that are like the inhaling and exhaling of Mother Nature. For instance, the waxing and waning of the moon, the ebb and the flow, day and night, life and death (and some form of rebirth) and the coming and going of seasons. It all goes round in circles.

And I’ve also started to realize that our lives are being lived accordingly. For instance, Andy & I were on one big “exhale” for most of our twenties. We were out in the world, meeting thousands of people, going on exciting adventures, traveling, working, etc. It was all “exhale, exhale…go, go, go”. Moving to Belize forced us to “inhale”, it forced us to stop and to go inside. There was nothing else we could do. And for a long time, it felt like we were doing something wrong. We just weren’t used to this. It was like moving into the twilight zone for a long period of time. It was quiet, it was weird and it was unfamiliar territory. Yet it was exactly what we needed (even though we weren’t consciously aware of this at the time)

Anyway, this “inhale” has lasted several years now, also because of the birth of Lucas. Becoming a parent forces you to do this same kind of “inhaling” that I am talking about. Once you’re a parent, you can’t be “out in the world” all the time the way you were before. Your life evolves around this little being and your big world becomes pretty small for a while. But you know what? That’s fine; it is that natural cycle. It simply is the “in-breath” that’s needed before you can breath out again.

We are now moving back out of that quiet phase of our lives. We are ready to face the world again, with a new excitement & with a new level of energy (And with a wild 2-year-old in tow).