Saturday, October 30, 2004

Get Blogging!!!!

I just want to say that Blogging is brilliant! I mean really, it's incredible what can happen when you start Blogging. People that you've lost touch with over the years show up again (Leeroy, please leave me your contact info next time you visit :) And it makes you realize how small a world this really is. I get emails from people who's partners have worked with me in the past, I get emails from people who want to move to Belize and I get emails from travel writers (Yippee!) who want to come and visit. Now, I have tried in the past to get travel magazines to come here, but nobody even replied to me. And now they all show up from everywhere, because of the blog. How cool is that?

See, I believe that we create our own reality. And we can do this by working really hard on something and/or we can do this by simply attracting what we want in life. Blogging is a way to do the "attracting what you want" part. People mysteriously seem to find your blog and hey presto! There is the reality you want. Isn't that just a lovely way of creating?

So Blog my friends! Blog & blog & blog some more.... and let the magic unfold.