Monday, October 25, 2004

My aims for the Jaden Foundation

Lucas already has his own charity. At least, he has one named after him. The Jaden Foundation! (Jaden is his middle name). I decided to register as a charity, even though I haven’t got the official non-profit status yet. But that will come. Anyway, my aim for the coming year is the following:
  • 1. To continue to support the children that have been sponsored this school year (making sure the transport works out & helping the kids with their homework)
  • 2. To help build an after-school center for children in need in Belize City, with the International Women’s Club. The center will be for the disabled (including those who are blind or deaf) and for those who care for them. It will offer vocational training and information on how to best care for people with disabilities. At the moment there is nothing like that in Belize.
  • 3. To continue to support Young Bank village in their fight for water. The request for the survey is apparently “being processed”. Let’s hope it moves along soon.
  • 4. To support the safe house for abused women. We will be spending some money (probably about $1000 US) on renovating the building and making it a happier place to be for these women and children (by painting the rooms, hanging up curtains, etc.)

I know that that looks like quite a list, but all these things move fairly slowly. So I don’t think I’ll end up being swamped. And the kids are getting on okay anyway. All that I have to do at the moment is help them with their homework. Apart from that, they simply go to school and all is well. And their big sponsors from Aruba (Hans and some of his friends) have already told me that they will sponsor the kids for 3 years, so that is all taken care of. Anyway, I’ll let you know how all these things work out.