Saturday, October 23, 2004


Silence is so powerful. This morning I went on a silent jungle hike with a woman who’s doing the Life Coaching Retreat with us. It’s so funny, silence always starts off as something uncomfortable and scary, but after a while you “sink in to it” and it becomes something very sweet, intimate and pure. And it really is the best way to experience nature. When you’re talking, you miss so much of what’s going on around you. Silence forces you to be more present. We watched the early morning mist rise over the river, we listened to the birds and the howler monkeys waking up and we watched the intricacy of a spider web covered in dew. It truly was a wonderful way to start the day. I left her at the Observation/Birding tower for a mini-Vision Quest; it was so beautiful and peaceful there, I didn’t want to leave. But then, I can go there any time. I just hope that she will enjoy her time there as much as I would. And I hope that in the silence, she will find her own Inner Wisdom and sense of peace.
Someone once asked God: “God, who do you talk to?” And his answer was: “The question is not to whom do I talk, but the question is who listens”.