Monday, February 19, 2007

The tipping point

How funny, yesterday I blogged about how suddenly everybody seems to want to move to Belize and then today I see an article on The Belize News Blog talking about the same thing in an interview with Paul Goguen, the man behind the Ara Macao project.

From the interview:

Paul Goguen: Belize is fast becoming the exotic place to be on the Caribbean Sea. Baby boomers and other adventure travelers are being lured to Belize to explore its unique blend of history, geography, environment and culture. IoVest, the Developer of Ara Macao, believes that Belize is rapidly approaching a critical turning point in its history, best described in a recent national bestselling book by Malcolm Gladwell entitled The Tipping Point. Gladwell describes how certain fashion trends, products, social habits and other cultural phenomena move from relative obscurity to mainstream almost overnight much like when a balancing scale suddenly tips to one side.

Yep, that's how we feel about Belize too. We're starting to reach a 'tipping point' here. Is that good or bad? Only time will tell. I'm never too scared of progress though. It's simply what happens & it's unstoppable anyhow. So what we need now is for this runway extension to be done at the International Airport and for more flights to come and go from Belize (direct flights to Europe, please!)

I would have never thought it a few years ago, but it tickles me to think that we were ahead of a trend once again ; ) Isn't life delightfully strange????

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