Sunday, February 18, 2007

Does everybody suddenly want to move to Belize, or what???

Wow, things are certainly changing here. For the longest time I thought that we were the only people who wanted to move to Belize & at times I wondered if we were crazy. Nowadays though it feels like the floodgates are being opened. More and more people are either making the move or considering it.

I receive daily emails of blog readers with questions ranging from 'Where are the best schools in Belize?' to 'How much does it cost to live in Belize?' and 'Where are the best real estate opportunities?'

Maybe I should turn this into some kind business, offer Belize real estate, build our own community or become some kind of Expat advice center. Hmmmm...something to think about.

Yesterday, by the way, I organized a 'Family day' at Banana Bank for the Belmopan International Women's Group and it was brilliant fun. There was a free art workshop by Mrs. Carolyn Carr, pony rides for the kids, a river boat trip and lounging by the pool. It really was lovely and the kids were all exhausted by the end it, which is always a plus. And, of course, the fact that the sun was shining all day helped too.

We also spent some more time on the beach last week, a quick hop to San Pedro. It was great, with blue skies & slight breeze. The best thing was watching the dolphins play around the pier late afternoon. Yes, moments like that make living in Belize so good.

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