Thursday, February 22, 2007

I want my own kitchen!

It's nice to be living in our new house, but it would be even better if the whole place was ready, instead of just living in the bedrooms. I walk on the building site, of what will be our kitchen, living & dining room, and almost start to feel like the place will never be finished. We've been building this house for over a year now. I mean, there is definite progress and we are getting to the end of it all, but it's just taken so bloody long. If we had known this, we probably would have bought one of those pre-fabricated Mennonite house instead ( that why architects don't tell people how long it really takes to build a house? To not put them off the idea?)

Anyway, I know that once it's all done we'll forget about how long it took and just enjoy the place, but for now it's still a bit frustrating.

I get especially annoyed first thing in the morning. See, I need to eat something the minute I open my eyes, but because we don't have a kitchen yet, I have to walk over to the Dome's office, get the keys to the resorts kitchen, walk there, make our breakfasts and coffees and try and balance it all on my way back to the house. Virtually every morning I walk with my face through several spiderwebs (disgusting!) and/or get stuck in the rain and mud. Not the best way to start the day!

Still, as far as problems go in life, this is not bad. I can have a little moan, but really my life is pretty darn good.

I just know that once I have my own kitchen again it will be even better!!!!