Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What are we up to these days?

Well, Andy & Hans have been playing their daily round of golf, we’ve been shopping and hung out on the beach for a while…so a normal day for us all here in Aruba. The kids tire us out of course, but apart from chasing them, life is pretty chilled (actually, it couldn’t be more chilled if we tried)

Last night we had dinner at a new Irish pub (Laurenz is very disappointed that they are still waiting for the Guinness to arrive) and the day before we all went to the Palm Island waterpark, which was amazing! Both the kids loved it and, to be honest, so did the adults ; )

Oh, and I’ve even had a few heavenly ‘moments for mom’ (moments without children). I had a facial and I’ve taken my first windsurf lesson, which I really enjoyed, so I may go for another one tomorrow.
We’ve put our flights back for two days so we can stay till Friday. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Karen’s bike race starts this weekend, we would have stayed even longer. Oh well…we will be back soon, I’m sure.