Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gggrrrr....getting annoyed!

This is so bloody frustrating...I've been meaning to post a ton of pictures from our UK trip, with little stories about each one, but Blogger won't allow me to upload any more (these 2 were uploaded a few days ago). I must have tried a thousand times since and am getting extremely annoyed.

So stuff it, these 2 pictures will have to do for now.

Blogger...sort your service out please!

This is the back of our mate Russel, with Lucas and Jack in his arms. It was great seeing Russel again. He used to live with us in Greenwich, London & living with him was my first practice at being a 'mum', as he used to behave like a teenager; not cleaning his room, piling up dirty washing and refusing to eat any vegetables apart from peas (if you can even call them vegetables). So I used to hide veggies in the dishes I cooked, worried about his nutritional needs and nagged him to clean his room.

It is funny to now see him as a responsible and loving father to Tom and Jack, with baby boy number 3 on the way. And his wife Sarah did say that he would still live on pies, peas and cheese if she'd let him ; )

Having a picnic in the park with those you love, what more can anyone ask for? Tania, Caroline and me, soaking up some rare London sunshine (although...rare? It's been hot for ages now, hasn't it?)

My old MTV Partyzone friend Tania Raymond has moved away from making television (not a very compatible industry with raising children) and is currently setting up a business called Peoni, making and selling exclusive cushions and throws made of antique Japanese kimonos, plus funky childrens clothes from around the world. I have bought some cushions of her for our new house and they look amazing.

Caroline Prothero (who had a big hand in me and Andy getting together all those years ago) has moved from traditional record labels and music distribution to distributing and promoting dance music online through a downloading service for deejays (by invite only) with her company Prohibition.

Isn't it great to have good friends that have stood the test of time? I feel so blessed with mine, even if I don't get to see them much. Whenever you can be away from people for months or even years and get straight back 'into the groove' the moment you see them (feeling like you saw them only yesterday), that's when you know that you are dealing with the real thing.