Monday, July 03, 2006

Vivid imagination

You often hear about children having imaginary friends, but have you ever heard of a 3-year-old with an imaginary castle?

Apparently, Lucas owns his own castle in Guatemala. He lives there, so he says, with 2 babies (including a baby girl who can already walk and has teeth), 4 little dogs and lots of chickens. He looks after the babies and the animals himself and does all his own cooking (he mainly cooks eggs). Seeing as his castle is far away, you'd have to fly to get there. But he can sort you out tickets if you like.

Now, the funny thing is that he hasn't just mentioned this castle once or twice, but that he has started to talk about it on qan almost daily basis.

Whenever he is not allowed to have something (a sweet, or whatever) he tells me that next time in his castle, he won't give me any sweets either. He also talks about life in his castle whenever we drive the car and there are no other distractions.

I quite like this imaginary world of his. A place where he is the boss and there are no grown-ups telling him what to do.

Anyway, I better get packing....