Saturday, July 15, 2006

Living on the edge

We're still alive and well in Norfolk. Went to see the OAP's play bowles today & are back to the bowls club for a BBQ tonight. That's the excitement of Norfolk daily life.

So no beefworms, flooding rivers or torrential rain for us at the moment. Poor Karen is the one dealing with all that right now in Belize (sorry Karen, our timing seems to be a bit off...hope you're okay with it all)

Tomorrow we're edging our way down to London and from there on to Brighton. Looking forward to catching up with my old mates and of course my sister Iris. Oh, and I can't wait for dinner at Bart's house (our friend the super chef) in Brighton. Rich will be there too, so it will be a nice Jungle Dome reunion. Anyway, I better get ready for the barbie. Don't wait up ; )