Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jungle survival

Oh yeah, we're barely hanging on in there...Nah, just pulling your leg. Life in Belize is good. Kayaking on the Belize river with Lucas and Andy last weekend & horse riding through the jungle yesterday. The wrangler leading the group and I both ate a termite to show the others that there really is nothing to it (Termites actually taste like spicy carrots & according to the tourguide there are even ones that taste like peppermint). The whole ride became one culinary jungle adventure, with us eating certain sticks, nuts and other things we knew were okay to eat. But this evening we ate something much nicer: Fried breadfruit, straight off the tree in our garden. Very good indeed.

Oh by the way, our house is starting to take shape now. I walked through it today and felt so excited. It is going to be amazing. I can see the finished version already & I am absolutely in love with it. That's the good thing about designing your own house (with help from a good architect. In our case John Simpson): the house will be perfect for your specific needs. And I think we're achieving that.

I'll film the house in the coming days and will upload it here.

Oh, and something rather silly: At 3 o'clock today, Andy said "Wow, I can't believe how late it is. Where has the afternoon gone?" To which Lucas quickly shouted "I didn't take it daddy, honest!"