Friday, September 15, 2006

Home schooling

People always told me that as a parent you fall in love with your own kids, I thought that was nonsense. Well, it turns out they were right all along.

Take Aidan's eyes for could I not fall in love with him when he looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes?

Still, in Holland we sometimes say that we want to stick our children behind the wallpaper (achter het behang plakken) & that's quite true as well. They often drive me bananas. Especially the noise levels sometimes get to you. Andy really suffers from that as well. And guaranteed they both start whining when Andy's on the phone taking a booking (very professional...not!)

We often get asked if we're considering home-schooling our kids. So the answer to that is no. Not because we don't believe in home-schooling (I know many children who thrive on home-schooling), but because Andy and I need to have a break from our kids for at least part of the day. If they were around us all day long, we would end up freaking out I think.

Lucas is now going to the Belize Christian Academy (BCA) and he's loving it. I've actually been quite surprised with how 'grown up' he already is. I mean, they are learning to read and write and count and the whole approach, though playfully, is quite academic. Even for the pre-schoolers. So no more going to school to just play around.

He looks so funny in his school uniform. I can't actually find anything in his size (he's too small), so he's sporting the ultra-baggy look at the moment. Still, he'll grow into it.

A few days ago Lucas came to me complaining of a sore throat. This is what he said: "Mum, I have a gun in my throat. It's shooting me and killing my throat" An when his stomach hurt, he said that he had prickly sticks in his stomach. I just love his imagination.

Lucas also, apparently, is an architect. He says that he mainly builds snakes. Trees and jaguars too, but mainly snakes. He then comes up with family names for all the trees that he sees (all his design, apparently) and also points to the mountains in the distance, saying "See those mountains? I build those too".

And with him hearing so many different languages (Dutch, English, Spanish & Creole), he has now made up his own. He'll proudly tell me what everything is called in this made-up language & then announces that no one taught him this, but that he taught every one of these words to himself.

Anyway, enough rambling on about my kids.

Have a nice day y'all.