Monday, May 22, 2006

The new Suite is ready! (finally)

Wow, things have been busy lately. I had to get the resort and our new Tree Top Suite ready for our biggest group of visitors so far, our friends of Intervol from Rochester, New York. They arrived Saturday, so yesterday I had my first chance to relax again (the rest of the Jungle Dome team are looking after them now)

I now have uninterupted time again with my kids. It feels like I have been looking after them 'on the run' lately, so yesterday I took the opportunity to draw pictures with Lucas, cut his hair, cuddle with Aidan etc. What a lovely Sunday it was. We all needed that.

My mum & Hans are back from San Pedro. They went there for a night, so Hans could see a bit more of Belize than just the Jungle Dome.

Poor Hans tried to read a bedtime story for Lucas last night, but Lucas got up in the middle of the story and said "Bimma (grandma) can do much better than that", leaving Hans on his own with the story book. I think that may be the last time that he attempts to read an English bedtime story for anybody (it did all make us laugh though).

And Lucas has been having a blast with the Woopy Cushion that his grandma brought for him. Actually, the adults have been having just as much fun with it. Especially at Hans' birthday party. Incredible how immature people get with a toy that makes farting noises.