Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Aidan's first vacation

So much to sort out before our big adventure this coming weekend. We're off to Antigua, Guatemala on Saturday. We'll be there for 3 nights and will spend 2 nights at Lake Atitlan (I wonder how the area will have recovered from last year's mudslides)

Anyway, God knows how Aidan will take to traveling. Hopefully he'll adapt well as we'd like to be a rather mobile family. Lucas has always been an amazing 'gypsie baby' who you could drag along anywhere, so hopefully that runs in the family.

Andy's mum Yvonne has been staying with us since the 21st of last month and she'll be coming with us to Guatemala. She's also pretty excited about the whole thing. And we're all looking forward to being in a place that is slightly cooler than Belize. It's been hot here recently, so much so that we've been using the AC most days (and I normally hate AC's) Apparently the temperature in Antigua is between 21 to 27 degrees C. during the day & between 12 to 17 C. at night. Lovely!

I just hope that we're all over this cold that we've been having before our travels.