Saturday, April 22, 2006

You know you're a mum when...

  • You sneak out of bed at 5.30 in the morning, just to be able to have a cup of coffee in silence
  • You haven't been able to have dinner at the same time as your husband for weeks (a crying baby has had you eating in shifts)
  • You pick up things with your toes as your hands are always taken up by carrying children
  • You cut your finger and have to wear a 'Dora the explorer' bandaid, which is all you have in the house
  • The theme tune to 'SpongeBob Squarepants' is stuck in a loop inside your head (Wo lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants!)
  • You lie awake at night wondering how on earth you're going to be able to pack sensibly for an upcoming trip (is it possible to bring the baby swing, car seat and the stroller? Will we be exceeding the luggage allowance on the flight? And how many presents and treats do we need to keep Lucas entertained for the duration of the trip?)
  • You start to gravitate towards blogs written by other mums. Their words resonate with you like nothing else can
  • And you could totally relate to Felicity Huffman's character Lynette in 'Desperate housewives' when she started to take her childrens' ADD medication just to keep up with her pace of life

Yep, being a mum is a crazy thing. It's wonderful and annoying. A blessing and a curse. You wouldn't change it for the world, yet you fantasize about life without children. You are jealous of your former self, of how all she had to think about was herself & at the same time you cringe at how selfish she really was. Being a mum is the ultimate paradox, a black hole of love, that sucks you in and forces you to lose yourself, yet helps you to find your truer self, there where you lost you (does this still make any sense?)

Anyhow, some of the parenting websites and blogs that I have come across and liked:

  1. Five minutes for mom. They were even so nice to add my blog to their site and to interview me as well
  2. Parent center. They send me weekly updates on baby's developments. It tells us what we can expect at each stage, which is great as we don't have many other babies around us to measure Aidan's development against
  3. The mommy blog. Made me laugh out loud. Especially the part about traveling with young children (she deals with the same pre-travel anxiety as me)
  4. Happiness is a good nap. Sweet personal blog by a single mother of two
  5. Natural parenting. All about attachment parenting
  6. Dr. Sears website. His 'Pregnancy' book & "The Baby' book are my bibles
  7. Think twice. Are you debating whether or not to vaccinate? Make sure you read this website.

And finally, you know you're a mum when it takes you at least 10 attempts to write a short blog like this....