Sunday, April 09, 2006

This is cool!

My friend Gaya alerted me to this great article yesterday (Thanks Gaya!), about some of the biggest energy companies in the US calling for...wait for it....caps on carbon emissions! Can you believe it?

According to the article: "The Energy and Natural Resources Committee heard statements from leaders representing eight big energy companies, including General Electric, Shell, and the two largest owners of utilities in the U.S., Exelon and Duke Energy. Six of the eight said they would either welcome or accept mandatory caps on their greenhouse-gas emissions. Wal-Mart too spoke in favor of carbon caps. The two outliers from the energy sector, Southern Company and American Electric Power, delivered pro forma bids for a voluntary rather than mandatory program, but they, too, broke with tradition by implicitly acknowledging that regulations may be coming, and offering detailed advice on how they should be designed"

Read it all for yourself:

I also heard that there are now 6 or 7 US States that have implemented their own 'Kyoto type of agreement'. So, in a way, they are overriding their own government. This is all great news and it makes me wonder who George Bush is actualy representing?