Monday, August 08, 2005

Mosquito coast

Well, San Pedro was a nice break apart from the fact that it was full of mosquitoes. I mean, it was insane. There were so many mosquitoes that Lucas kept thinking that he stepped on a nest of fire ants. The poor little man had so many bites. The people of San Pedro said that they had never seen so many mosquitoes on the island. There literally were swarms of them, it was horrible. Anyway, the government finally sent one of the spraying trucks (apparently there are only two of those for the whole country). Once the island had been sprayed it all became a lot more bearable.

What else has happened? Oh, I handed out most of the school books. I only have a few more to buy.

And we've booked our flights to Rochester, NY. We are taking Lucas there in September for an eye operation. He has ptosis, which means that one of the eyelid muscles doesn't function properly. The eyelid muscle will be shortened a little, just enough to open up that eye. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's something we'd have to do sooner or later. We were actually hoping that the eye would open up by itself over time, but there has been no improvement whatsoever since he was an infant. And the nice thing is that we know the medical team in Rochester. They came down to Belize a while ago and we all became good friends. So we know that we're in good hands there.

Oh, Lucas made me laugh yesterday....he looked up my nostril and shouted "Hello, anybody there?" I told him that there was nobody up my nose. He looked up my nostril again and said "Mum, what is it? Is it some kind of jungle in there?"