Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Little boy growing up

Lucas seems to spending less & less time indoor these days. He is becoming so independent, it's crazy. Basically, we have a big pile of sand outside of our house that he plays on all the time and his best friend's house is right at the edge of our property. So Lucas and all his friends move between our house, the sandpit and next door's house all day. I am no longer "allowed" to come with him. All I get asked to do is walk him up & down our stairs (we agreed that someone always has to hold his hand on the stairs and he is sticking to that perfectly)

Here in Belize, kids of all ages play together & they all look after each other. So there may be kids aged 9 or 10 playing with 4 & 5 year olds and this group will also be wheeling a stroller around with an infant in it. It's not something we're used to in Europe, but I find it quite wonderful anyhow. Of course, we don't have to deal with any car traffic here and it's unusual to encounter any strangers where we live. We're in quite a protected little community.

Still, I do worry a bit. But I guess this is just how life is here & I wouldn't want Lucas to grow up separated from all the local children. And he is already amazingly good at judging what he is and isn't capable of. So he doesn't seem to get into too many crazy things.

Oh, as far as the pregnancy goes....I am getting a bit better now. Today is a good day, yesterday was another awful one. I felt so bad I couldn't even stand up under the shower, I had to sit on the floor as I was washing my hair. But overall I am getting better. Just waiting to "start glowing" now (don't they say pregnant women start glowing once they are past their first trimester?)