Friday, December 10, 2004 seems to working again (finally)

Just got back from San Pedro. We went on a little mini-break. Lucas was totally excited by everything. The sea, the sand, the plane ride there, it was just the biggest adventure ever for him. I really though that he was going to pop at times, that's how excited he was.

Dagmar Riefler and her son have arrived. She will be writing a book about their experience here. She wrote another book called "Charango" before, which about their travel through Chili. It is just the sweetest book. The whole story was about the trip as seen through her young son's eyes. He was three at the time and is now five years old. The Belize book will be written in the same kind of way.

By the way, Lucas and Rafael (Dagmar's son) are raising hell all around me this very minute. It's very hard to write this way...

So, more tomorrow. That is, if I manage to upload the blog.