Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mashed potatoes

When you bounce a ball, there is a moment when it has reached its highest point and is no longer going up, but its going down yet either. For a nano-second, it's suspended in the air, unsure of where to go next (according to my tennis teacher, this is the moment when you want to hit the ball)

Anyway, the last few days have been one of these directionless nano-seconds for me. Nothing seems to be happening, I have no drive to do anything specific, I'm uninspired and a bit bored. There is no specific reason for this. I mean, I could be whizzing around the country with Dagmar (our lovely German travel writer) and her son. I could be going to aerobic classes, salsa and other energetic activities with Karen. Instead, I feel a bit mashed potato-ish. I don't join in much & I'm a bit dull to be around.

Oh well, Karen and I are going to the birding (observation) tower in a minute for a monster yoga session. Maybe that will give me a kick up the arse again.