Sunday, August 22, 2004

Running a Jungle Resort

22nd August 2004 - Oh, the trials and tribulations of running a resort… We’ve just had some crazy “toilet problems”. Basically, I had bought this blue cleaning stuff that you squirt underneath the rim of the toilet. I thought that it would be a good idea to leave it for a while, to get the toilets really clean. What a mistake! We couldn’t get the blue off anymore and when I asked one of our cleaners to use some bleach on the toilet, the blue turned to gray. I then asked her to use one of those metal scrubbing brushes, but that made the gray spread even more. It looked awful. And the next day the apartment was going to be rented out, so we had to find a solution quickly. Well, the cleaning lady had a brilliant idea. She would simply paint the toilet bowl white again. This seemed to work, but the next morning (the day of check-in) the toilet looked like a half-eaten bowl of mush. Just smears of white paint in a gray bowl. My mum decided that we should paint it one more time, but now with oil paint. Only, we didn’t have any white oil paint, so she painted it a lovely cream (just the inside of the bowl, the rest was still white). This toilet was looking more bizarre by the minute & our guests had already arrived at the airport. I looked at the toilet one more time before our guests checked in and decided that I was simply going to avoid them whilst they were here. I was just way too embarrassed about this freaky looking toilet. Andy was cool about it & I believe that our guests actually were pretty happy with everything. They’ve just left again today after a 2-night stay. Anyway, I’m ripping that toilet out. It’s beyond saving (even though my mum thinks otherwise). No more painting for me.

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