Saturday, August 07, 2004

Lucas new friend

7th of August 2004 - Lucas made a friend today. Out of all the kids at TJ’s birthday party, he picked the cheekiest little 3-year-old girl & the two of them went on a rampage. Whenever we looked away they would be climbing in the fountain, throwing bits of BBQed chicken in the fountain or try to destroy any of TJ’s new toys. The little girl’s mum told me that she recently grabbed their goldfish out of the bowl, put them on a plate and scrabed the scales of them. “I’m gonna cook these for you mommy” (frightening!) And that, when she had a headache a while back, she smeared a whole tub of Vicks on her head (took her mum a week to wash out of her hair). Funny how this is the one kid Lucas could relate to best. Does this mean that these are the kind of things we’ll have to go through with him one day?