Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So what's new?

Well, it's still hot here. There was meant to be a cold front coming in now, but apart from it being pleasantly cool last night, nothing much has changed in the temperature during the day. Maybe it's a tat cooler than it was, but that's it.

Some good news: the house is getting closer and closer to getting finished. Yeeha! There are so many people working in there today, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders...it's quite a sight. I think that in another week or so we'll be able to take out the partition wall and live in the whole building.

Lucas is back in school (another 'Yeeha!') and little Aidan is still fighting off a cold, the second one he's had in a row now. He's still happy as anything and he doesn't act sick during the day, apart from the fact that he's gone off solids almost completely now (how on earth can I start weaning him, when he keeps getting flu's and colds?) But at night he has such coughing fits that he ends up vomiting the phlegm all over the place. It's hard to figure out what to do. Are these just viruses he picks up, is it something else? Am I worrying too much? Am I worrying too little? Oh, the predicaments of being a mother...

And then there's the Jungle Dome, of course. Well, we're still very busy, with a lot of families staying with us (which Lucas is very happy about). But starting next week it will be a bit more quiet again, so we can look at going away for a weekend soon.

And that's all really.