Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas rush

To all my friends....I'm sorry I haven't emailed any of you back recently. My outlook express is playing up (receiving, but not sending emails)

Actually, the whole Internet connection at the Dome is a bit scatty at the moment. I thought that our rescue would be the new DSL line in our Belmopan home. We had waited for weeks to get it installed and were very excited about getting top-notch Skype service and constant good connections.

Well, it wasn't to be. Last night I was planning to use it for the first time, but instead of getting online, I managed to mess up the whole system. I pressed a button and re-programmed everything. Obviously, Andy wasn't around or that would have never happened. It was just Karen and me there. What a fool & how bloody annoying!

Anyway, life here is as hectic as I imagine everyone's life is right now. Crazy Christmas rush, trying to tie up all kind of lose know the story.

Hope none of you are losing your sanity yet. Still ten days to go. Good luck with all the Christmas parties and hang-overs! (Not missing those much, I have to say)

Adios my dears!